About Us.

As a professional speaker, do you find yourself spending too much time on administration?

Are you working on administration and contracts when you should be working on that new keynote?

Perhaps we should talk! Green Light Speakers Group can become your business office – take the calls, follow up on leads, finalize arrangements, manage your calendar and take care of all the details. All so you can concentrate on what you do best so you can maximize your earning potential. Call us at 515-419-3664 today!

Diane Crone,
Founder of Green Light Speakers Group

As the founder of Green Light Speakers Group, I have officially reversed my role from a buyer to a supplier!

I have been a part of the industry for nearly 30 years as a customer, purchasing and managing services including speakers, hotel accommodations, travel arrangements, name entertainment, production and décor. I have dealt with suppliers from around the world and have experienced the good, the great and the mediocre. I know what I value in a supplier and pledge to bring those qualities to your event with Green Light Speakers Group.

The company name was created while driving into San Francisco for the first time. With a great degree of trepidation, we entered the city in a mass of confusing traffic. Thanks to excellent direction from our car rental company, we drove away from city center and circled around on highway 280, past Candlestick Park, The Embarcadero , The Wharf and eventually to our hotel, cruising through green light after green light. “Wow,” my daughter commented, “that was easier than I thought it would be.”

And so it should be. We can help you navigate through the mass of details inherent in all event planning so you can earn recognition for a job well done!

Isn’t it time you hit all the Green Lights?