Ray Saint

Ray Saint has been building leaders and teaching others to be successful on purpose for most of his adult life. He has led by example and speaks from experience. As a Certified Protection Specialist and having graduated at the top of his class from Executive Security International (ESI) in 1989, Ray has first-hand knowledge and hands on experience in areas including profiles of terrorism, observational psychology, combat and defensive shooting, executive protocol, personal protection, hand to hand combat and escape and evasive driving tactics. He has provided personal protective services to celebrities and corporate executives throughout North America.

These experiences have given Ray a unique approach to personal growth, goal setting and developing strategies for his own success. They have enabled him to teach motivation and goal setting to better inspire others to fulfill their dreams and goals. Ray is also a Master Instructor (5th degree black belt) and has twenty-six years experience in the martial arts disciplines of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do. Over this period of time, he has taught over ten thousand individuals the positive leadership traits of self-maximization.

Ray, through his company Positive Focus Inc., has been providing Personal Development and Leadership Training to organizations and individuals for the past fifteen years. He provides his clients with “real-time” solutions and practical applications that are guaranteed to affect the bottom line both personally and professionally. His unique ability to inspire individuals from the front line to the boardroom has made him a sought after inspirational leader. His keynotes, workshops, and seminars are built around the unique needs of his clients and are nationally recognized as being thought provoking, humorous and educational.

As a professional speaker and published author, Ray will re-energize you and your company, organization, or association. Through the use of the tools in his new book, It’s Great to be You, Ray will encourage and enable you to incorporate success in your life, at home, at work,or at play.

Most Requested Programs:

Ray's keynote presentations are living documents, personalized for maximum benefit for your organization. Ray does not have "cookie cutter " presentations. Each presentation is uniquely crafted to the client needs, giving you a real, fresh, and value packed presentation every time. Ray uses a balanced mix of humor, substance and experienced-based knowledge that keeps your team engaged in what he has to say. Ray simply connects with people. *All keynotes are 45 to 90 minutes, based on your needs.

Communication- "It's a matter of life and death"
March 30th, 1981, six shots are fired from a handgun in 1.8 seconds. Four people are shot at near point blank range, one shot right between the eyes. This was the scene of the assassination attempt on the President of the United States- Ronald Reagan. In this practical keynote, we will dissect this near world changing event and illustrate how the communication failures that took place are the same communication failures that occur in companies just like yours all throughout this country on a daily basis. Ray will discuss the communication tools necessary to not only prevent these failures from happening to you and your company, but how they will help you rise above your competition.

The "I" in Team
This dynamic presentation reminds the audience that they are their "greatest asset." Many times we lose sight of the end goal and lose focus. This presentation is interactive and is guaranteed to leave your team with a renewed focus and commitment to the success of the organization.

The Success Triangle
The success triangle is a simple concept that works. Whether your team is customer service, sales, or manufacturing, they will leave this presentation knowing that success is no accident and that it is always on purpose! The success triangle presentation shares the three elements necessary to become successful on purpose. This is a must for any organization looking to maximize their employees’ potential.

Life- A simple guide
In this presentation, Ray illustrates how life is simple; it's just not easy. By understanding basic concepts and principles that you can apply to your life immediately, you can accelerate towards your goals both personally and professionally. 

Workshops/Breakout Sessions:
*Workshop and breakouts can be from 1 to 4 hours based on your needs

Who do you think you are?
If you are responsible for building teams, problem solving, cultural diversity, successful selling, managing people, stress management or customer satisfaction, this workshop is for you. In this dynamic and entertaining workshop, participants will learn to identify their own personality style and that of their peers/customers. This identification is a crucial step in developing effective training styles, clear communication, and building positive relationships. Understanding how people think and what motivates them is the key to increasing productivity. When participants leave the workshop, they will have a working knowledge of personality recognition, and be able to apply this knowledge towards more effective communication skills.

GET-IT Together
This workshop is inspiring and "eye opening." There are people who want things to happen, people who let things happen, and people who make things happen. Through the use of the GET-IT acronym, you will discover what it means to take healthy risks, make good choices and become empowered in all areas of life. Real life experience and humor make this an ideal workshop for anyone wanting to maximize their potential.

Breathing life into your life, It's great to be you!
This interactive workshop focuses on you and the five major systems of the body. Stress, productivity, happiness and even illness, can all be related to your ability to control your mind and body. In this session you will learn breathing techniques, stretching techniques and ways to "de-stress" yourself so you can be productive and operate at maximum efficiency. A great breakout session to re-energize participants.

Personal Safety Workshop for Women
Ray has provided this unique program to universities and companies for the last 15 years. This is a practical, interactive program that is broken into three basic sections: observational skills, risk reduction measures, and skilled reaction. While this is a topic we would like to not think about, it is unfortunately, necessary. It is of paramount importance that individuals have a feeling of personal safety and security in their life if they are to function normally on a regular basis. This workshop is packed full of useful information, yet it is taught in a fun and comfortable atmosphere.

Mission 6 Leadership Program
Do you want to talk about leadership and change or do you want to do something about it? The mission 6 program is a program that challenges your people to make a difference and grow in their roles. The best way to develop leadership skills and conquer change is to practice it. This is a very interactive program that focuses on the individual and empowers people to take action.


Recent Feedback:

"Ray simply connects with people. Ray's unique programs and positive attitude have been contagious with our management team and 500 plus employees over the last three years. From leadership training to safety training, if you are looking to re-energize your employees and improve your bottom line, I highly recommend Ray Saint."
J. Panka, Vice President Operations Prairie Industries, Inc.

"Ray, I want to thank you on behalf of all the partners at Pechiney Plastic Packaging of Boscobel, for your training workshop. My goal was to enhance our team atmosphere, communication skills, and ability to maximize each person's potential as leaders of an International Company and your presentation exceeded my expectations. Your ability to deliver a message and relate to our partners was truly amazing! I am sincere, when I tell you that your training workshop ranks as one of the most effective we have had. In fact, many partners are using the tools you brought to us to create a more positive and productive environment. We are already in the planning stages of bringing you back for the second phase of your program. Thanks Ray."
R. Morovits, Pechiney Plastic Packaging Site Leader

"Ray's ability to make people laugh is good, but his ability to make people think is extraordinary! In only one hour, his theme of it's great to be you, truly changed people. I believe in investing in my employees and having Ray Saint speak to them was truly a great investment."
J. Hutchison, President/CEO Nu-Pak, Inc.

"Ray has superior speaking skills and he is able to define and articulate a vision that motivates his audience so they are able to readily identify with him and his message."
D. Schultz, State Senator

"The workshop was entertaining yet accomplished our intentions, which is to have a working knowledge of personality recognition, and be able to apply this towards better communications skills."
T. Kries, Plant Manager/Philips Advance

"The leadership concepts of the GET-IT Together program are very compatible with the style of self-management, and self empowerment philosophy used by Spring Green Technologies."
W. Gashler, President Spring Green Technologies

"Your presentation on stress management provided very usable information that will directly benefit all staff, visitors and our largest customer group, the students.
S. Smith, Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Assoc.

"I was particularly impressed with Ray Saint's ability to relate effectively with a very wide spectrum of our workforce. By making it very personal to our organization, Ray was able to reach all our employees."
G. Bezucha, Administrator Boscobel Area Health Care

"I would like to thank you for your inspiring keynote speech. You combined just the right amount of humor and serious concepts to keep everyone entertained and enthralled. Thank you for making our first time event a success!"
J. Kasper, WGLR/WPVL Radio

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