Rob Bell, CSP

Drawing on 25 years of experience in leadership roles and customer service, Rob makes it simple, clear, and FUN to provide remarkable customer service and gain skills for effective leadership!

Ring Bell for Service 

Rob Bell began teaching his customer service and communication techniques early in his tenure as Personnel Development/Education & Training Director for Dick's Supermarkets, Inc.  Drawing on 25 years of experience in leadership roles, customer service, and training, Rob makes it simple, clear and FUN to improve customer service and gain leadership skills.

Before becoming Dick's Supermarkets' go-to-guy for Training and Remarkable Customer Service, as a former CPA, Rob worked as the Accounting Manager for a large trucking company, an auditor, and an adjunct instructor at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. Rob now tours the country teaching the principles that have helped hundreds of companies and organizations improve their communication and service strategies.

Rob's warmth and humor shine through in each presentation, allowing participants to gain insight into numerous aspects of corporate communication while giving them the tools to bring that insight into action. Rob's presentations are high-energy and feature real-life anecdotes that are as fun as they are meaningful. Participants leave Rob's presentations "fired-up" and supplied with the techniques they need to meet and exceed company goals and expectations.

Rob's presentations are fully customizable and are available in keynote, seminar, and workshop format.

Most Requested Programs:

Everything I Learned About Service, I Learned in the Express Lane
Every team member has the power to polish or tarnish your company's reputation. When face-to-face with the customer, each person represents the whole organization. Remarkable customer service requires that every person in your company understands the fundamentals of consistent unsurpassed service.

Attendees will learn to:
• Identify opportunities to go the extra mile
• Define 5 steps to turn service breakdowns into loyalty building opportunities
• Develop excellent communication skills
• Deliver a sense of “whatever it takes to get the job done”
• Understand how to make your customers say “WOW!”
• Promote FUN with customers

The Power of Positive Leadership
Most people don't quit companies - they quit supervisors.  To provide remarkable service that result in long term business success, we must treat our team members as our very best customers.
Average happens by accident.  Excellence happens on purpose!

Attendees will learn:
• The difference between management and leadership
• Four characteristics of excellent leaders
• The importance of developing and communicating your non-negotiables
• Techniques to energize your team to use their discretionary effort to go the extra mile
• How to develop your unique brand
• Ways to involve everyone on your team to identify opportunities to add sparkle & polish to your    customers' experience

The Power of Positive Choice
Who would you rather be around, a positive person or a negative person?  Most people believe they're positive.  Are you positive you're positive?

Attendees will learn:
• Excellent communication skills
• The importance of catching others doing things right.
• Little things that make a big difference...absolutely everything counts
• Methods to control worry - worry is misguided imagination
• It's more fun to be excellent than mediocre...let's have FUN out there

Recent Feedback:
"Dear Rob: WOW!  Thank you for the truly outstanding, inspirational, educational and downright entertaining presentation to the Iowa Farm Service Agency Manager's Conference this past September.  Your efforts and attention to details sets you apart from other speakers we have used in the past.  No doubt, you provide the total package!  In the 29 years I have worked for the Agency you are the first presenter to receive a standing ovation.  It takes a special kind of a person to be able to bring 300 people to their feet and you are that person.  Congratulations!  I certainly hope we have an opportunity to invite you back for additional training in the future."
-Dennis Olson, Administrative Officer, United States Department of Agriculture - Iowa Farm Service Agency

"Dear Rob, You really did "WOW" the audience with your program on Total Loving Care!  Because I was coordinating the events, I sat in the back of the room.  I had a good view of the audience and saw how they were all focused on your presentation.  With over 200 staff members in attendance that was no small feat!  I think one of the key factors was the way you integrated our mission and values into your presentation.  It was clear that you had done your homework.  I can say that I have never seen a speaker engage our staff the way you did.  The fact that you had everyone on their feet applauding at the conclusion said it all.  Getting folks enthusiastic enough for a standing ovation at the end of a long day speaks volumes!  Again, thank you so much for sharing your time, talent and, most importantly, your positive message!"
- Ruth Ryan, Employee Health and Wellness Coordinator, Hospice of Central Iowa

 "Your presentation received rave reviews!  We have a rating scale of 1 to 5 and several people gave you 10's, a true Olympic moment!  We appreciate you for sharing your expertise with us.  Hope to see you again soon."
- Ann Barrett, Executive Director, Wisconsin Association of Medical Equipment Services

 "First off, I would like to tell you that I personally heard nothing but the highest regards for your workshop and presentations skills.  Everyone that I spoke with about you said you were fantastic.  Ever since your very entertaining workshop, I find myself walking faster with a smile and greeting everyone with genuine enthusiasm.  Your workshop was packed with so much information that could have been used by so many people in every aspect of life (not just customer service).  You have such a great message and way of presenting it, more people need to see and hear what you have to say."
- Steven R. Gifford, Publications Director, Wisconsin Marketing Management Association

"The immediate response from associates has been overwhelming. You really have a gift for making people smile and laugh while at the same time conveying important messages."
- Jill Knight, VP Serivce/Operations, CIGNA Retirement & Investment Services

"The Decorah community and the Hotel Winneshiek have not stopped talking about ROB BELL!!!!! Fabulous, funny, motivating, uplifting, & connecting."
- Nancy Nelson, Owner Hotel Winneshiek, Decorah, IA

"Thank you for speaking at WWTC's Leading and Learning Training. Your message was very powerful with so much humor and sincerity. You certainly have a profound effect on people! Your sense of humor is awesome - what a gift to be able to go through life with so much fun in your life." - Peggy Langreck, Development Coordinator, Western Wisconsin Technical College

"Rob Bell spreads his motivational humor through FOCUS Consulting. It's more fun to be excellent than mediocre, and that's a choice we all can make. Rob encourages conscious choices to appreciate the good things in our lives, to take responsibility for building positive relationships, to present a positive image to the world, and to honor others. Rob uses humor and anecdotes to engage his audience, and shares practical wisdom from his life experience." Excerpt from the book The Town That Lost a Ton, by Dianna Kirkwood, Jane Clemen, & Bobbi Schell - Used by permission of authors

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